Website Pages


The Website Pages Settings allow you to customize each page on your website.

To locate these settings, navigate to Settings -> Website -> Pages.websitepagesettings1

Splash Pagewebsitepagesettings2

  • The Splash page is a special page that can be displayed when a user first navigates to your website by typing in your domain name, as opposed to following a link to a specific page.
  • To enable the Splash page, check the box next to it.


  • The pages you have enabled will be displayed in order from top-to-bottom under the Menu headings they are grouped under.
  • Check the box next to a page to enable it, or uncheck it to disable it (the page is still accessible, but hidden from your Menu and Site Map).
  • To override a page’s menu label — to display Our Vehicles instead of View Inventory, for example — enter your own Menu Label for it.
  • To edit the content of a page, click on Design Page.
  • To jump to the page on your website, click on View Page on My Website.
  • To change the order pages are displayed in, click on a page and drag it to a new position. You can also drag pages from one menu heading to another, or drag them to the Unused Pages group.
  • You can enable up to 10 additional custom pages, by checking the boxes next to them and dragging them to the Menu heading you want them to appear under.
  • *Note – Every page on your website is always available and can be accessed even if it is unchecked.
    • This is to prevent issues with broken links coming into your website, and to ensure functionality for other WebManager functions that direct users to certain pages or rely on other pages.
    • Unchecking a page simply hides it from your Menu and Site Map, so users can’t navigate to the page unless they are following a link from an email or other website.