Website Menus


Each menu heading is a heading for a group of pages, and clicking on the heading will take you to the first page under the heading.

Go to Settings -> Website -> Menu to manage your website pages.wmmenusettings2 wmmenusettings4

  • The menu headings you have enabled will be displayed in order from left-to-right or top-to-bottom, depending on the menu orientation.
  • To override a menu heading — to display Vehicles instead of Inventory, for example — enter your own Menu Label for it.
  • To change the behavior of a menu heading so clicking on it takes you to an External URL instead of one of your WebManager pages, enter the URL you want to link to.
  • To change the order the menu headings are displayed in, click on a heading and drag it to a new position. Check the box next to a heading to enable it, or uncheck it to disable it.wmmenusettings ver1
  • You can enable up to 6 additional custom menu headings, however, be cautious about entering long Menu Labels, as there may be display issues if you have too many menu headings enabled with long labels.