Website Banner


The Website Banner is a heading appearing at the top of a web page.

To locate the Banner settings, navigate to Settings -> Website -> Banner.wmbannersettings1

Banner Layoutwmbannersettings2

  • You can choose whether your banner container and content should be Wide (covering the full width of the screen) or Centered.
  • You can also set a background color for your banner container.

Banner Stylewmbannersettings3

  • You can choose None to display no banner, Text to display your dealership name or website title, or Image display a banner image that you can upload yourself (talk to your account representative if you would like us to design a banner image for you).
  • Enter the text you want to display on Line 1, and set the font size and color, and choose whether you want your text to have a drop shadow.
  • You can enter a second line of text for Line 2, and choose a separate font size and color.
  • To upload your own banner image, click on Browse…, locate the file you want to upload, and then click Upload.
  • If you’ve previously uploaded an image, uploading another one will replace it with the new image.

Banner URLwmbannersettings4

  • Choose what page your banner should link to.
  • By default, clicking on your banner will go to your home page.
  • You can select Custom and enter a different URL (one from your own website, or any other website if you wish) to link to something else instead.

Banner Linkswmbannersettings5

  • These settings will allow you to add some additional links to your banner.
    • You can either position them in a bar above your banner, or on top of your banner aligned to the right.
  • You can enable links to your Social Media accounts, and choose the color and style for the icons.
    • You can enable an address link, which links to your Location & Directions page.
    • You can enable a phone number link, which will launch a phone’s dialer when clicked on mobile devices.