Website Analytics

Website Analytics reports are generated from Google Analytics data which is automatically collected for every WebManager client that has registered a custom domain name which you have associated with your WebManager website.

These reports display charts and data similar to what you would be able to access through your Google Analytics dashboard if you have created your own Google Analytics account.

To access the Website Analytics, navigate to Reports -> Website Analytics.wmwebsiteanalytics1-1


  • Displays Visits & Visitors by day, so you can see trends in website activity.

Traffic Sourceswmwebsiteanalytics3

  • Displays Visits by Traffic Source, so you can see how visitors are getting to your website.

Search Keywordswmwebsiteanalytics4

  • Displays Visits by Search Engines, so you can see what keywords visitors are using to find your website.


  • Displays Pageviews & Entrances, so you can see what pages visitors are spending the most time on.


  • Displays which vehicles visitors are spending the most time on (not including mobile).


  • Displays Pageviews & Entrances for mobile devices, and which vehicles visitors are spending the most time on (mobile only).