Website Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Account

  • You do not need to provide a Google Analytics Account Tracking ID to get access to website analytics reporting for your website.
    • WebManager will automatically track your website analytics and you can access these reports under Reports -> Website Analytics.
  • If you have your own Google Analytics account, you can set up your website to use your own account by entering your Tracking ID in the Website Analytics Settings located under Settings -> Reports -> Website Analytics.webasetup1 webasetup2
  • Then log in to Google Analytics to view your reports there.

Google Analytics Authorization

  • To view your website analytics reports from inside WebManager, click Update Authorization, which will open a new window and prompt you to log in to your Google account.
    • Review the permissions that WebManager is requesting, and click Allow Access to provide authorization for WebManager to access your Google Analytics data.
  • WebManager will then display a list of Google Analytics Profiles found for your account.
    • Click on the Profile that you want to use, and WebManager will embed the Tracking ID for the selected profile in your website, and you will be able to view reports using your own Profile in WebManager under Reports -> Website Analytics.