Website Address & Description

The Website Address & Description Settings allow you enable a third-party website, set the title and description of the page, upload a favicon, and enter site verification ID’s for search engines.

To access the Website Address & Description Settings, navigate to Settings -> Website -> Address & Description.wmaddresssettings1

Website Addresswmaddresssettings2

  • Your Default Website Address is displayed at the top of the page.
    • This address is created automatically when your WebManager account is created as a way for you to always access your site.
  • If you have registered a Custom Domain Name for your site, you can enter it.
    • If you have configured your domain name correctly to point to your WebManager-generated website, after you click Save Changes the IP Address field should be display the value in green.
    • If the IP Address is incorrect, the field will be red, and you should check your domain name configuration to correct it.
    • If you need help configuring your domain name, click here for Custom Domain Name setup instructions.
  • If you have a Custom Domain Name but you are using a third-party website, click on Third-Party Website for Primary Website.
    • This affects how a number of links are constructed in your website and vehicle listings.
    • For example, if your primary website is hosted by a third party, your default website address will be used instead of your custom domain name in order to link directly to your vehicle detail pages.
    • Setting this field incorrectly could result in a number of invalid links.
  • If you have multiple domain names, you can click on Edit Additional Domain Names to enter them.
    • *Note – Custom Domain Name information is cached for performance reasons, and it may take up to a minute after changing your custom domain name on this screen before it can be used to load your website.

Title & Descriptionwmaddresssettings6

  • Your Website Title, Description, and Keywords can be entered here.
  • Your Website Title is shown in your browser’s Title bar on your website, and as your banner text if you do not have a banner image or flash file uploaded.
  • The Description and Keywords are included in Meta tags in your website’s HTML for search engines to reference.
  • They are not displayed normally anywhere on your website.
  • The SEO Text is added to the footer at the bottom of every page, to ensure important keywords are also included in the content of every page.


  • A Favicon is an icon associated with a URL that is displayed in a browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark.
  • Click Choose File and select the image you’d like to use, then click Upload.
  • The current Favicon will be displayed next to Current Favicon.

Webmaster Tools & Site Verificationwmaddresssettings5

  • To enable some Google features, your website must be able to respond to requests for your Google Hosted Service ID and/or check for your Site Verification Code.
  • To enable some Bing features, your website must be able to respond to requests for your Bing Ownership Verification Code.
  • You can enter your Google Hosted Service ID, Google Site Verification Code, and Bing Ownership Verification Code to enable those features.