WebManager Inventory Settings

The WebManager Inventory Settings allow you to customize how the list of inventory is displayed inside WebManager.

To access these settings, hover the mouse over Settings, Inventory, and click General.wminventorysettings1wminventorysettings2

  • Inventory List options lets you adjust the number of vehicles displayed per page when you are viewing the main Inventory list screens.
    • Enter a value between 3 and 50.
    • The number of vehicles that can be displayed on the screen without having to scroll will depend on your screen resolution.
    • We recommend that you set a value that will allow you to see as many vehicles as possible without scrolling.
  • You can specify a default sort order for your inventory list screens.
    • You can still change the sort order when you are viewing your inventory, but the default sort order will be used if you leave and return to your inventory screens.
  • Under Adding Vehicles you can select your preferred Default Vehicle type, if you generally deal in Motorcycles or RVs for example, instead of Passenger vehicles.
  • Auto-Archiving & Auto-Deleting will clean up vehicles in your inventory that are no longer relevant.
    • Auto-Archiving will move vehicles from your Sold inventory to your Archived inventory after 30, 60, or 90 days.
    • Auto-Deleting will delete vehicles from you Archived inventory after 90, 180, or 365 days.