WebManager Inventory List Options

The Inventory List Options control what pricing values to display in inventory list pages on your website only.

To access the Inventory List Options, hover the mouse over Settings, then Website, then click Inventory List Options.inventorylistoptions2inventorylistoptions6

  • You can select which of the pricing values to display in your website inventory lists by checking Internet Price and/or Showroom Price.
    • You can modify the label displayed for the price value by entering a different Label for either of the price fields.
    • If the Internet Price for a vehicle is 0, you can choose whether to display the Showroom Price in its place, or display “Call for Price”.
  • If you do not want to show pricing information for any vehicles in your inventory lists, you can check Always show “Call for Price” instead of price values, and you can change the “Call for Price” text to some other label.
    • If you do not want vehicle listings on your website to show links to your active auctions instead of the price, uncheck If vehicle has an active auction, display link to eBay Motors listing instead of price values.
    • This will force your listings to show your selected price.
  • *Note – Go to Vehicle Details Template settings to change the pricing values displayed in your vehicle details pages.
    • By default, vehicles on your website that are also currently listed on eBay will display a link to the eBay auction page instead of pricing information.