WebManager Inventory Integration Settings

The WebManager Inventory Integration settings are intended to help make integrating WebManager inventory pages into your existing website more seamless.

To access the Inventory Integration Settings, hover the mouse over Settings, Website, then click Inventory Integration Settings.inventoryinteg1inventoryinteg4

  • By default, Vehicle Detail pages open in a new window.
    • This can have the effect of taking people “out” of your site, and requires users to close the new window to return to your site.
    • You can change this behavior and have Vehicle Detail pages open in the same window.
    • This works best if your website makes use of frames, or uses an inline frame for the inventory content.
    • In this way, users will stay “in” your site, and continue to have access to your navigation or other page elements that you want them to.
  • There are a few other options you can change as well:
    • You can hide the “Advanced Search” link on the inventory page, which takes users to a WebManager generated form, and may give them options you don’t want them to see.
    • You can also hide the banner on the Vehicle Detail page, which is useful if you have opted to open the Vehicle Detail page in the same window.
    • And you can include a “Back to Inventory” link, which users can click on to return to the inventory page.
  • Your vehicle listings for external sites, such as on eBay and Craigslist, contain a direct link to your Inventory page in addition to your home page.
    • When you are using a third-party website, WebManager needs to know the address to your Inventory page to link to it correctly.
    • Enter that address here for the URL to the Inventory Page from external listings.