WebManager Inventory Imports

The WebManager Inventory Imports Settings allows you to control how WebManager handles data from DeskManager, how third party imports are handled, and which third-party sources are being used. Please note that the Dealer ID is provided by the party you’re importing from, not from AutoManager.

To access these settings, hover your mouse over Settings, Inventory, then click Imports.wmimports5wmimports6

DeskManager Options

  • These options give you some ability to control how WebManager handles data from DeskManager:
    • You can allow pricing values to be updated even when vehicle data is protected.
    • Force WebManager to use the features entered in DeskManager even when using WebManager VIN decoding.
    • Allow vehicles marked as Sold in DeskManager to be added to Staging inventory in WebManager if they don’t already exist in WebManager.
    • And override the Sale Status when changing a vehicle from Live to Sold as a result of an update from DeskManager.

Third-Party Options

  • In addition to allowing pricing value updates and keeping vehicle features, as with DeskManager, you can also choose whether to use WebManager’s VIN decoding to retrieve vehicle specifics and features where possible.
  • With Synchronization, you can also tell WebManager what to do when a vehicle that was originally imported from a third-party is no longer included in their feed.

Third-Party Sources

  • WebManager can receive feeds data by FTP from a variety of third party sources.
    • To enable imports from a source that is already in our system, simply check the box next to the Source name, and enter your Dealer ID provided by the source, if required.
    • This Dealer ID is needed to match their data to your account.
    • If the source does not require a Dealer ID, then the data file must include a field containing your WebManager Client ID, which you must provide to the third party.
  • To set up a new import, a technical contact from the third party must contact our programming team to set up an FTP account for them and work out the details of the data file format.