Vehicle Details – Sale Details

The Sale Details tab allows you to enter information about a pending deal or a completed sale for the vehicle.vehicledetailssaledetails1 vehicledetailssaledetails5

  • You are required to report Sold vehicle data to Sirius if you are part of the Sirius program.
  • You are not required to enter Sale Detail for your Sold vehicles except for your own reporting and historical purposes.
  • While the vehicle is in Live inventory, you can set the Sale Status to Pending so you can enter Sale Detail for the vehicle without moving it to your Sold inventory.
    • This will allow the vehicle to continue to be exported to classifieds sites or listed on Craigslist, but the vehicle will display as “Sale Pending” on your website.
    • Setting the Sale Status to Unpaid or Final will move the vehicle to Sold inventory.
    • Setting the Sale Status to N/A will move the vehicle back to Live inventory.
  • Apart from the Sale Status, you can also specify what avenue the vehicle was sold through, the date of the sale, and the sale price.
    • To help with your Profits report, you can also enter the Dealer Cost and any Additional Profit.
  • The Buyer Detail section allows you to enter information about the buyer of the vehicle.
    • If the system already contains Contact information for the buyer, you can just select the Contact from the list.
    • Otherwise, you can select “Other” and enter the buyer’s information in the fields below.
    • If you need to change details for a Contact, you can select the Contact and click on Contact Detail or click on Manage Contacts.