Vehicle Details – Photos

The Photos tab allows you to upload photos for this vehicle or manage photos you have already uploaded.vehicledetailsphotos1 vehicledetailsphotos2

Uploading Photos

  • Photo Size:  For best results, photos should be taken at an aspect ratio of 4:3 in width to height, as close to a resolution of 640×480 or 800×600 as possible.
    • After uploading, photos will be resized to 640×480 while preserving their original aspect ratio, and filling in any extra space with your selected fill color.
    • Large Photo Support is available through your AutoManager account representative.
  • To add photos, click on the Upload Photos button.vehicledetailsphotos3
    • If the vehicle does not have photos yet, this dialog will open automatically when you view this tab.vehicledetailsphotos5
    • Locate the folder containing the photos you want to locate in the left-hand pane.vehicledetailsphotos7
    • The right-hand pane will display the photos in the folder.
    • Select the photos you want to upload by checking the checkbox above each one, or click the checkbox at the top of the pane to select all the photos in the current folder.
    • The lower pane will display all the photos you have selected to upload.vehicledetailsphotos8
  • You can rearrange the photos in the lower pane prior to uploading them, or wait to rearrange them after uploading.
    • You can also rotate, crop, or add descriptions to your photos.vehicledetailsphotos9
    • Any descriptions you enter will be saved as captions for the photos.
    • When you have selected all of the photos you want to upload and have finished making any changes to them, click on Upload.
    • The Image Upload utility will resize the photos before uploading them to reduce the file size and upload them faster.
  • You can select up to 60 photos to upload at one time.
    • If you have already uploaded 60 photos, you will need to delete existing photos to make room for new ones.

Managing Photos

  • Once you have uploaded photos, you can add captions to them, rearrange them, and delete them.
  • Double-click on a photo to view it at full size.
  • To add a caption for a photo, click on the Caption link below the photo.
    • This will display a dialog where you can use the full WYSIWYG editor to enter HTML-enabled text for the caption.
    • Click Save to save the caption and return to the photo list.
  • To rearrange photos, click and hold on the photo that you want to move and drag it to its new position.
  • To delete photos, click on the Delete link above the photo, and this will hide the photo from the list but the photo is not actually deleted until you click Save Changes.
    • You will need to upload deleted photos again if you decide you want to restore them.

Updating Watermarks and Overlays

  • If WebManager has original copies of all the photos for this vehicle, then directly below the Upload Photos button there will be a link to Update all photos with current watermark and overlay settings.vehicledetailsphotos4
    • This will apply your current watermark and overlay settings to all of the photos.
    • If you don’t have watermarks or overlays enabled, then they will be removed from your photos.
    • If you only have overlays enabled for the first photo, rearranging the first photo will also remove the overlay from the old first photo and apply it to the new one.