Vehicle Details – Exports

The Exports tab shows which export sites you have enabled for your account, which of those sites you have enabled for this vehicle, and the last export time for each site for this vehicle.vehicledetailsexports2vehicledetailsexports1

  • To Export your vehicles to vehicle marketplace / classifieds sites, you need to enable exports for the sites you want to send your inventory to under Export Settings and provide your Dealer ID and/or password as needed for each of the sites.
  • Any vehicles you add to the system will automatically be enabled for exporting to each of the sites you have selected.
  • If for some reason you do not want to export a particular vehicle to one of the sites you have enabled, you can uncheck that site from the list of exports for that vehicle, and the vehicle will no longer be sent to that site.
  • Vehicle data is generally exported nightly, so any changes you make to these settings will not take effect immediately, but will affect the next nightly export.