Vehicle Details – eBay

The eBay tab allows you to enter auction settings for vehicles in Staging Inventory, and schedule auctions for vehicles in Live inventory.vehicledetailsebay1 vehicledetailsebay4

  • To submit an eBay listing, you will need to select a Listing Type, a Duration, and provide a descriptive Auction Title.
    • Be sure to enter common search terms users might use to search for your vehicle.
    • It is not necessary to include the Year, Make, or Model in the title for search purposes since those terms are included in the auction details and can be searched for by default.
  • Depending on the selected Listing Type, you will also need to provide certain Pricing & Deposit values.
    • Standard and Local Marketplace auctions require a Starting Price, while Fixed Price listings require a Buy It Now price, for example.
    • Other pricing values are optional and/or may have other requirements.
    • Setting a Reserve Price incurs a minor additional fee, and you must have received a minimum of 10 positive feedback to set a Buy It Now Price for a Standard listing, for example.
    • You can choose to require a deposit, and whether you want the deposit submitted immediately (requires you to provide the PayPal email address you have linked to your eBay account).
  • You can select a specific Listing Template, Photo Layout, or Color Scheme to use for auction listings for this vehicle if you want to override the defaults you have selected under your Listing Template Settings.
    • You can click on Preview Vehicle Listing at the top of the form and select eBay to see how your selections will appear.
  • To help your auction stand out on the eBay site, you can also select various eBay Visibility Enhancements which will incur additional fees.
    • Click on See Example next to a particular option to view eBay’s sample and help for that feature.
  • Finally, there are a handful of additional Miscellaneous options.
    • Check Private Auctions if you want to keep bidder names on your auction private (not recommended).
    • You can enter a more specific description of your Location.
    • Check Inspected by dealer to show this in your listing.
    • Check Condition Guarantee by Seller if your vehicle qualifies.
  • When your vehicle is in Live inventory and you are ready to schedule an auction, select a Start Time and click on List on eBay.