User Roles

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see Editing an Existing User.

Dealerships have a responsibility to safeguard sensitive customer and business information. To better protect your customers and your business, we offer user Roles. User Roles allow you to dictate what individual users can or cannot access in DeskManager Online.  

User Roles are a small part of managing user accounts and settings. For more information about User Accounts, read our article here:

Navigate to the Roles Setup Page

To manage User Roles, first, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar. Under the Organization category in the top-left, click Roles.

Edit Access Rights 

On the Roles setup page, you can see a list of predefined roles. You can customize the existing access rights for each role, or you can add your own.  

Click on a default role to look at the default access rights.   

There are multiple categories of access rights, each organized by different functions within DeskManager Online.

Each category contains options to allow or block specific features for users in this role. Checking a box will allow users to access that feature. An unchecked box will restrict that access.
Some categories contain drop-down boxes that allow you to give a user limited access to a specific function.

Create, Copy, or Delete a Role 

While you can edit default roles, it is also possible to create new roles.   

To create a new role from scratch, click on Add New in the top-left of the main Roles setup page.
You can also create a new role by clicking the Copy button on a pre-existing role. You may want to copy a role if you need to create a new one with similar access rights.

You may only delete roles that you have created. To delete a role you have created, navigate to the Roles setup page and click the trash can icon to the right of the role.  
This will show a page asking you to confirm. When deleting a role, the users assigned to this role will lose all the access rights that they had through membership to this role.     

Click OK to confirm.  

Assign a Role 

By assigning a role to a DeskManager Online user, you grant that user the access rights associated with that role.  

To assign users to a role, navigate to the Roles setup page and click the Members button to the right of the role you would like to add users to.
If your dealership has multiple lots, you will be shown a list of the lots for your dealership.
Remember that a user could have a different Role in different lots.     

Click Add Users in the top-left.  
Click the name of the lot to show the users that are associated with that lot.   

Then click the checkbox for each user you would like added to this role.
Once complete, click Save
You can also add members to each Role from the Users setup page.