User Accounts

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see Adding a New User.

You can add as many users as you’d like to DeskManager Online. However, you can only have a certain number of users logged in at the same time, according to your DeskManager Online subscription. 

Each person using DeskManager Online must have their own user account.   

When you add a user, it’s a good idea to assign a Role to ensure they only have access to the DeskManager Online features you desire.

Add a New User 

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Organization category in the top-left, click User.
This is the user settings page, which contains a list of every user on your account.

To add a new user, click Add New in the top-left.
Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address. Add optional information, such as the user’s salesperson ID and phone number. 

Click Invite User to Register. Once you Save the new user in the top-left, an email invitation will be sent to the provided email address. Have the new user follow the link from that invitation to complete the process.
We suggest using your email address as your username. This makes it easier to remember and guarantees the new user will have a unique login. 

Linking a User to WebManager 

WebManager is a separate product from DeskManager Online. Whether or not you’re subscribed to WebManager, DeskManager Online relies on WebManager for certain features, such as adding ePay funds or customizing Window Stickers. 

For this reason, it’s a good idea to at least have one DeskManager Online user account linked to WebManager. This allows the user to use the same username and password for both products. 

At the bottom of a user’s setup page is the Linked WebManager Account section.
Click Create WebManager Account to create a new identical WebManager account for this DeskManager user. To activate the user, change the status from inactive to active, then click Save. 

Optionally, if this user had a WebManager account prior to creating a DeskManager account, the user could link their accounts.  

Clicking Link Account will show a list of existing user accounts in WebManager.  

Select the WebManager user account you would like to link with this user in DeskManager.  

To verify this link and log in to WebManager, click the WebManager Marketing button on the leftmost sidebar. This will open a new tab to login to WebManager.  

Enter your DeskManager Online username and password.
This will verify the linked accounts and allow the user to login to WebManager automatically when accessing any WebManager shortcuts in DeskManager Online.  

You may unlink this WebManager account at any time by clicking Unlink on the user’s settings page.  

Unlinking the account prevents the user from logging into WebManager with their DeskManager Online credentials.