Updating DeskManager

Step 1: Logging Other Users Out

DeskManager updates should be performed on the main DeskManager computer. Before updating your DeskManager you always want to make sure you are the only person using program. You can verify this by clicking on Help and then clicking on Show Logged In Users.
Updating DeskManager 1.gif


Step 2: Downloading the Update

Once all other users are out of DeskManager click Support then click Update DeskManager.

Step 3: Update Downloaded

When you see the congratulations message below close DeskManager.
Updating DeskManager Still Image.png

Step 4: Relaunch DeskManager

The first time after an update right click DeskManager and run as administrator. You will need to run DeskManager as administrator on every other computer after the update process is complete.

Step 5: Confirming the Update

DeskManager may prompt you to continue with the update. If you see the message below, click Continue to apply the update.