Update History

The Update History screen can be accessed from anywhere in WebManager under Inventory -> Update History.updatehistory1 updatehistory2

  • This view shows the history of any updates received for your inventory from DeskManager or third parties.
    • Updates will be grouped by date received, with the updates for the most recent date listed first.
    • Update history is only preserved for the past 30 days.
  • You can display updates for an earlier date by clicking on the Date filter and selecting a different date, and you can filter updates by source by clicking on the Source filter and selecting an option.updatehistory3
  • Each update will show a link to the vehicle the update was for, the source of the update, and the status of the update, whether it was successful or not.
    • You can also see a copy of the update data that was received, so you can compare it with the data in WebManager.