TrueCar Integration Settings

TrueCar Integration with WebManager enables exporting sold vehicles to TrueCar.

To access TrueCar Integration Settings, hover the mouse over Settings > Integrations, then click TrueCar.truecarint2

Sales Integration Setup

  • To setup the sold inventory export, enter your TrueCar Dealer ID, click on the Authorize button, and accept the agreement.
  • Please note you will not be able to Authorize TrueCar without a TrueCar ID.
  • If you do not have a TrueCar ID, contact TrueCar support at (866) 480-1313 to request one.
  • This export will send any vehicles sold in the last 30 days to TrueCar.
  • Please note only vehicles that are marked Unpaid or Final are considered Sold. Pending vehicles are not considered sold.
  • For more help setting up the TrueCar Sales Export, please see our instructional PDF.

WM Lite Integration Setup

  • To setup TrueCar Integration via WebLite, you must first password protect your Admin account.
  • For more information on setting up TrueCar Integration for Web Lite users, please see our instructional PDF.