Trades Tab

The Trade tab allows you to add up to two trades vehicles for each deal.

From the Deal/Trade tab, double click a deal to open it’s details, then click the Trade tab.


  • Adding a trade vehicle is very similar to adding a vehicle to inventory.
    • In the first column (left side) enter the VIN, then click the VIN Check button to have the system populate the fields, or use the pull-down’s to select the information manually.
    • You may also type information into the fields if so you desire.
  • Trade Numbers for the Deal Screen:
    • After the trade vehicle information has been entered, to the right enter the Trade Credit that the customer is getting for this trade vehicle.
    • Next enter the remaining pay-off that is still owed on this trade, if any.
    • Now enter the Actual Cash Value into the ACV field and finally select the ‘First Trade Registered To’ option that is appropriate for this trade.
  • Adding a Second Trade-in:
    • If there is a second trade to be added, click on the Second Trade tab and fill out the information for the second vehicle.
    • At the bottom of this area is a set of radio buttons that can be used to let the system know who this trade is registered to.
    • DeskManager will total the First and Second trade numbers into the Deal:
      • The values entered into the Trade Credit and Pay-Off fields for the first and second trade will be totaled by the program and then will populate the Total Trade-in and Total Pay-off fields on the main Deal tab, in the center column.

Adding the Trade Vehicles to Inventory

  • Later after this deal has been saved using one of the three Sold options, you will be able to use the ‘Add Trade To Inventory’ button to add the trade vehicle(s) to your inventory.
  • After clicking on the button, DeskManager will display a stock number based on the options selected in Setup for stock numbers, located in File -> Setup, then in the list click the next to Inventory Setup, then click Stock Numbers.
  • If the stock number DeskManager wants to assign to this vehicle is not acceptable, at this point, you will be allowed to change the stock number.
  • If  DeskManager is configured for multiple locations, the system will also allow you to assign the lot to which the trade vehicle will belong.
  • DeskManager will either use the Trade Credit or the ACV amount as the purchase price, again depending on the options selected in File -> Setup -> Deal -> Trade.

Forgot to Add the Trade to Inventory?

If you should forget to add any trade vehicles back into inventory, DeskManager has a report you can run to help you discover vehicles you have forgotten to add to inventory.

  • From the Reports menu, highlight Sales and then look on the Sales menu for the Traded Vehicle report.
  • Any vehicles you have not added to inventory will be easily identified on the report, their stock number will read ‘Not Added’.
  • By double clicking on a deal in the report, DeskManager will take you to the deal this vehicle came in through, and you will be able to click the Add Trade To Inventory button from the deal’s Trade tab.