To-Do Tab (Formerly Tasks Tab)

This article is for DeskManager 11. For DeskManager Online see Tasks in DeskManager Online.

To locate the To-Do tab for a vehicle, go to the Inventory tab in DeskManager, then double-click a vehicle to open it’s details. Click on the To-Do tab.


The To-Do tab allows you to add actions that need to be performed before, during and/or after the sale of the current vehicle.

  • The filter allows you to display only certain items on the list depending on the choices made with the different pull-down options.
    • Filter on – Clicking this filters the To-Do list based on data found in one of the fields of a To-Do item.
  • The Actions List and Action Groups are accessible by clicking on the Add buttons on the right.
  • An Action Group can be setup to contain multiple items from the action list.
    • This way, when selecting an Action Group, you will assign all the individual actions that belong to that group to the vehicle instead of selecting them one at a time through the Actions List.
  • New actions for the Action List as well as new Action Groups can be added using the To-Do section in Setup.
    • To add a new list or group, click File -> Setup, then in the list on the left click the + next to To-Do menu, then beneath that, select Action Lists or Action Groups to add, delete, or edit.
    • To add an item, click New in the top left.
    • To delete an item, click the checkbox next to the item, then click Delete in the top left.
    • Double click any item to edit it.
    • Default To-Do Settings – Clicking this in Setup will display two default options:
      • Automatically Add Pre-Sale To-Do tasks to New Inventory Added
      • Automatically Add Post-Sale To-Do tasks to Inventory Sold