Taxes & Fees Templates

To facilitate a fast, efficient desking experience, DeskManager Online requires you to pre-define Taxes and Fees Templates. 

With a single click, these templates will copy taxes and fees from a template into a deal, which saves time and prevents mistakes. To learn more about making deals, read our article here:

But not every deal requires the same taxes and fees. That’s why you can have a variety of templates that cater to different types of deals. 

For example, taxes might not be applicable to wholesale deals. Maybe you’re doing business in a county with a different rate, or selling a vehicle out-of-state. 

However and wherever you’re selling, it’s a good idea to create Taxes and Fees templates for the most common types of deals you encounter. 

Creating a Taxes and Fees Template 

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Deal category, click Taxes and Fees Templates.
In the Deal Templates page, users with multiple lots can select the lot for which they are creating a template.
If your dealership has only one lot, or you have the correct lot selected, click Add Template in the top-left.
Enter a name and effective date for this new template. The effective date determines when this new template will go into effect. 

For example, if you are expecting a tax rate change in your state, you can create a new template in advance and set the effective date to the date of that tax rate change. 

If this template contains the most frequently used taxes and fees at your dealership, check the box to Use as Default.
Once you’ve set the template’s name and effective date, click Save in the top-left.
Now that you’ve named your template, click Taxes on the template list page.
Before making changes to these settings, check with your tax advisor. 

Some states provide a Tax Table. If the state has a tax table available, this option will be checked by default. In states that do not provide a Tax Table, any tax rates will need to be entered manually.
Depending on the laws of your state, the tax rates may be calculated based on your dealership address, or based on the buyer’s address.  

In addition, depending on your state, the list of applicable taxes and fees could be different than what appears in this article. 

If there are any tax limits or other settings specific to your state, please enter those values as well.  

Click Save once you have completed your tax setup.
Now that you’ve set your taxes, click Fees on the template list page.
Enter the values for any fees that should be included in this template.  

Check with your tax advisor and independent dealer association for the list of applicable fees, and whether any of those fees are taxable. If a fee is taxable, check the Taxable box beside the fee. 

If a fee is marked as Read Only, this value cannot be changed within a deal and must be changed from within the template.
Once complete, click Save. Your template is now complete. You can always return to this template to make edits later on. 

You can now apply this template to pending deals or when you create a new deal. 

For more information about using templates within a deal, be sure to read our article here: