Tax Table

The Tax Table section allows you to add various tax rates for different cities and/or counties depending on the needs of your state. This is useful if you deal with multiple cities and/or counties that have differing tax rates, or are in a state that charges tax based on where your customer lives.

To get to the Tax Table, click File -> Setup, then in the list on the left click Tax Table.


  • Click New in the top left to add a new record and fill in the information.
  • The Code field can be assigned by the program, but if you are in a state that requires you to use codes for specific counties, it can be altered as needed, but the program will not allow you to save a duplicate code.
  • If you are in a state that has a single rate for the entire state, just enter that percentage into the rate field below the county field.
  • Entering a City is optional.  Only enter a percentage in the City rate if you are in a location where a separate city rate must be charged.
  • Only use the Other Rate field if instructed to do so by AutoManager staff.
  • Note that if your city, county, or state requires you to deduct trade credit prior to calculating sales tax, check the box. The same goes for manufacturer rebates.
  • Click Save to save the record.
  • **CALIFORNIA CLIENTS ONLY**: Please use our tax table import tool to update your tax table.