Submitting to Lender Networks

Submitting a DeskManager Online deal to Dealertrack, CUDL, CreditLane, or RouteOne can save countless hours of data entry and help you secure financing as soon as possible.

Even if you aren’t trying to secure financing for a deal, you may want to transfer a deal to RouteOne or Dealertrack to take advantage of their eSign services. 

Before you can submit a deal to a lender, you’ll need to complete the setup process. If you haven’t completed the setup process for a lender, refer to our setup article here: 

Submitting a Deal to a Lender

First, navigate to a deal you’d like to submit to an integrated lender.
Then click on the Lenders tab.
Now hit Submit to Lender.
Choose your lender from the list, then click OK.
A new window will appear, specific to the lender you selected. You may be asked to adjust certain details on the deal, such as adding a social security number for the buyer.    

Make any corrections as necessary, then submit.    

Your deal should now appear in the appropriate lender account.