Starting a New Lease Contract

To start a new Lease Contract, fist go to the Lease tab.leasetab1

  • To create a new lease you can click on New button on the top.startinglease1
  • If you are a first time user after clicking on New button, you will see DeskManager’s lease form with no values populated as default:leasetab2
  • As you see there is no default values populated in this form which makes the job difficult if you have a default value set for some of these fields.
  • DeskManager gives you an option to create multiple Templates for you lease contracts, which allows you to create one or multiple lease contracts as templates.
  • Any time you click on New button if you already have defined a template for current profile (Lot#), DeskManager will ask for you to select your desired template:leasetab3
  • You can either select one of the defined templates, or click on Blank Lease to skip this process and create a blank lease.
  • As soon as you select a template, DeskManager will populate the new lease contract with already entered default values in that template.