Activating Vehicles (Staging to Live)

Activating Vehicles is the process of transferring vehicles from Staging Inventory to Live Inventory. Activating a vehicle allows it to be displayed on your website, and enables listing on eBay and exporting to the sites you have selected.

  • Once a vehicle has been moved to Live Inventory, it becomes eligible to be charged a listing fee (excluding WebManager accounts that allow unlimited listings).
    • Additionally, for WebManager Bronze and Silver plans, certain uniquely identifying Vehicle Detail fields can no longer be altered, including the VIN, Year, Make, and Model.
    • Please be certain these fields are correct before activating vehicles, as this process is not reversible.
  • Because vehicles are immediately displayed on your website and are eligible to be listed on eBay and exported to classifieds sites once they are added to Live Inventory, certain vehicle details must have valid values before the vehicle can be activated.
    • If any of these critical fields have missing or invalid values, you will not be able to activate the vehicle until the errors are corrected.
  • There are also several additional fields which are not required but which have certain recommendations for best results.
    • These will be displayed as warnings if the recommendations are not met, but will not prevent you from activating the vehicle.
Step 1: Finding Errors

Your Staging inventory can be accessed from anywhere in WebManager by hovering over Inventory, then clicking on Staging.
Staging to Live 1.gif

Each vehicle in Staging will have a corresponding shield. The green shield indicates the vehicle needs no additional work to be sent to Live. The red shield indicates that there is something preventing the vehicle from being sent to Live.


Click Errors to the right of any red shield to see what needs to be corrected.
Staging to Live 2.gif

Step 2: Correcting Errors

Once you know what the errors are, just click on the vehicle and make the necessary adjustments, then save your changes. After making the necessary corrections your vehicle should have a green shield.
Staging to Live 3.gif

Step 3: Moving to Live

When a vehicle has no errors, it can be moved to Live. Just check the checkbox to the left of any vehicle(s) you would like to send to Live, then click Activate.
Staging to Live 4.gif

If you need to change any information on a vehicle in your Live section, please contact AutoManager Technical Support at 800-300-2808.