Social Media Settings

Authorize your Twitter Account

  • To post your vehicles to Twitter from AutoManager, you must first authorize AutoManager to make posts on your behalf.
    • To do this you will need a Twitter account.
    • If you have a Twitter account, click the Authorize Twitter button in the top right of this page.
    • Enter your Twitter username and password when prompted.

Tweet Styles

  • Tweet Styles will be used for automatic tweeting of vehicles upon activation.
  • They are also used as a base template for on demand tweeting found in Inventory -> Live -> Social Media.

Authorize your YouTube Account

  • To authorize your YouTube account, click the Authorize YouTube button on this page.
    • When prompted, enter your YouTube account credentials (these may be your Google username and password).
    • After you’ve entered your credentials, select the YouTube channel (account) you wish to post to, then click accept to the grant WebManager permission to post on your behalf.
    • To revoke authorization, click the revoke authorization button.