Setting Up Scheduled FTP Export of Custom Report

In order to schedule the export of a custom report by FTP, the custom report must first be exported from the Report Builder by FTP without the scheduler. For instructions, go here.

Step 1: Launch DeskManager

Before opening DeskManager, right click the DeskManager icon and select Run As Admin, then a window may pop up asking you to confirm that you’d like to run DeskManager as an admin, click Yes and DeskManager will continue opening, then log in.

Step 2: Open Task Scheduler

At the top of DeskManager click Tools, then select Task Scheduler, a new Task Scheduler window will open.

Step 3: Define Your Task

At the top, select the Scheduled Task Type as Export/FTP Report.

Below, select the schedule for DeskManager to export the report by FTP (e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.), then select the time for the FTP export to occur.

Optionally, if you want this FTP export task to only run when a specific user is logged into Windows, enter the Windows username and password in the bottom left.

Step 4: Choose Report to Export

Now that the schedule is created, click Create Scheduled Task and a new window will open.

Select the custom report to export by clicking the dropdown menu next to Report ID and clicking the appropriate report. Here you will enter the information provided by the FTP recipient (including the File Name, the File Path, FTP Host, FTP Host Directory, Login Name, and Password). Once that is entered correctly, click OK at the bottom of the window.

Step 5: Export Confirmation

A window will pop-up to inform you if the transfer was successful, if it was not successful, a window will pop-up explaining what needs to be fixed.

You have now created a scheduled FTP export of a custom report.