Service Parts

The Parts Details screen is where you enter or edit information for the parts that you carry.  Note that LABOR should also be entered here with a category of LABOR.

When you are entering a new part, the following fields are available:

  1. Part Number – Enter your part number here.
  2. Category – You can choose between labor, sublet, or whatever category you want.
  3. Description – Enter the description of the part here.
  4. Location – Enter the location of the part here (e.g., storage 1, back storage, floor).
  5. Unit Price – This is the vendor price for one item.
  6. Selling Price – This is the price when you sell the item.
  7. Quantity – Enter the amount on hand here.
  8. Minimum Quantity – Enter the minimum quantity you need on hand before you need to re-order.
  9. On-Order – Enter the quantity you have on order.
  10. UPC Code – Enter the UPC Code of the part.
  11. Vendor Part Number – Enter the vendor part number here.
  12. Taxable – Check if this part is taxable.

When you are editing a part, the following additional fields are shown under Last Purchase.

  1. Unit Price
  2. Purchase Quantity
  3. Purchase Price
  4. Purchase Inventory #
  5. Purchase From
  6. Purchase Date

Note that you can only change the following fields:

  1. Description
  2. Location
  3. Mark-Up
  4. Selling Price
  5. Minimum Qty
  6. On-Order
  7. UPC COde
  8. Vendor Part#
  9. Taxable

If you need to enter a new purchase for this part, use the PURCHASES HISTORY button.

Other functions:

SAVE – Saves your work and exits the screen.

SCAN – If you have our scanner and your part has a UPC code, you can scan it in.

EXIT – Exits the screen without saving any changes.

PURCHASES HISTORY – When you click on this button, you will be able to see any purchase history for the part you highlighted.