Service Default Values

Used in the Service tab, the Service Default Values allow you to set the defaults for InvoicesEstimates, and Parts.

To access the Service Default Values, click File -> Setup, then in the list on the left click the + next to Service, then beneath click Service Default Values.servicedefault1servicedefault2


  • Text appears on the bottom of invoices – Whatever you enter onto these three lines will appear on the bottom of your invoices and estimates.
  • Markup – Enter a default Markup percentage rate in this field that will be used for calculating sale price of parts.
  • Default Labor Rate – Enter your default labor rate here.
  • Tax Rate – Enter your local sales tax rate for taxable items here.
  • Shop Supplies – If you charge extra for shop supplies, enter the percentage here.
  • Shop Supplies Limit – Enter a maximum dollar amount that will be allowed for Shop Supplies.  If the amount calculated by the percentage is greater than this figure, the system will warn you of this fact, but it will only allow the customer to be charged the maximum entered here.
  • Facility Number – Enter your facility number here if you are required to display one.
  • EPA Number – Enter your EPA number here if you are required to display one.
  • Next Invoice Number – If you need DeskManager to begin with a specific Invoice Number, enter that next invoice number here.
  • Certification/Disclaimer appears on the bottom of all invoices – Whatever you type in this section will print on the bottom of all of the invoices except the standard and cost invoices.


  • Exclude Labor Hours when Printing Extended Invoice – Check this box if you don’t want the hours to print when you print the Extended Invoice, but rather a Labor Total instead.
  • Parts Taxable by default – Mark this box if parts all parts are taxable.  You will be allowed to unmark the taxable box on a part if necessary when adding it to an invoice or estimate.
  • Show Location In “Remedy/Cure” Section of the Part Entry Window –
  • Automatically add the shop supply rate to new service invoice – By marking this box the system will automatically calculate your shop supply rate based on other information found on this page.  When this box is unmarked, there is a button in the invoice to click that will calculate and apply the shop supply rate.
  • Collect Total Cost When Collecting Internal Payments
  • Print Worksheets & Invoices Using Company Letterhead
  • Hide Signature Line
  • Automatically add labor item when scheduling an invoice
  • Create a reminder when the Available Part Quantity reaches or becomes less than the on-order quantity
  • Add description of the template to the notes section of the Service Invoice
  • Show last Payment Date & Amount in Invoice List
  • Automatically generate Alarm when part reaches minimum quantity
  • Discount Applies to Invoice Total – Choose this option if you want to subtract the discount from the invoice total (After Tax has been applied).
  • Discount Applies to Taxable Sale – Choose this option if you want to subtract the discount from the taxable sale only (Before Tax has been applied).
  • Shop Supply is Taxable
  • Calculate Shop Supply based on – Your choices are to calculate shop supply based on Sublet, Parts, or Labor.