Service Contract Plans

If your dealership offers service contract plans, such as warranty plans, you can add them to DeskManager Online in advance and pull them into a deal as you need them, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry. 

How to Add Service Contract Plans

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Deal category, click Service Contract Plans.
To add a service contract, click Add New.
Select a service contract provider from the Provider dropdown.
If your service contract provider is not in this list, click Add New Service Contract Provider and add them now. Once added, they will be selectable from the Provider dropdown.
To help you distinguish this plan from other plans with the same provider, assign a plan code.
Now include basic information about the service contract, such as its price (for the customer) and cost (for the dealership).
Indicate if the service contract profit is applying to the Front-End, Back-End, or Both.
Optionally, include a brief description or notes about this service contract plan.
Then click Save.
You can temporarily disable an existing service contract plan by clicking on the plan and checking the Inactive box. An inactive contract plan will not appear as an option when adding a service plan to a deal.
You can also delete a service contract plan by scrolling over the plan and clicking the trash can icon. Deleting a plan will not remove it from old or current deals, but it will no longer be a selectable option for new deals.

Once you’re done configuring your service contract plans, click the back arrow.