SEO Ranking Reports

The SEO Ranking report can be found under Reports > SEO Ranking anywhere in WebManager; it displays where your website ranks in search engine results for various keywords you’ve chosen to target. This report is updated every Wednesday, and you must be a Web+ subscriber to have this report set up and run for your account.

The report will show four different columns:  Keywords, Rank, Change and Ranking Page.

Keywords:  This is the keyword that is being tracked on Google’s search results.

Rank:  This is the website position on Google as of the date mentioned on the report title.

Change:  An arrow up indicates an upward movement, an arrow down indicates a downward movement.  The number next to the arrow is how many spots in that direction your keyword moved compared to the last time you opened the SEO Ranking Report.

Ranking Page:  This is the URL of the page that is ranking for the specific keyword that you are looking at.