Saving Files Locally from Cloud

When you want to save a file (such as a report) to your computer from DeskManager on the cloud, you will need to navigate to your local machine.

  1. First, open the report you would like to export to your computer.
  2. Then click Export at the top right. If the window pictured below appears, then you will be able to save the file to your computer from the cloud. If not, you may need to create a custom report.cloudsaving1
  3. Enter the Name field to name the file.cloudsaving2
  4. In the file path navigation window, click on the button that says “…” to the right of the Path field.cloudsaving3
  5. A new window will open to Browse for a folder to save the file to. Scroll if necessary to find “C on COMPUTERNAME” with COMPUTERNAME being the name of the computer you are using.
  6. Click it and then click OK at the bottom of the window.
  7. If this is a spreadsheet, under Delimiter, select from:cloudsaving1
    • Comma Delimited No Qualifier, which will separate cells by commas
      • For example, each space determines the next cell: Mr. Joe Brown 1745 E. New St., Apt. 22 Chicago Illinois 46702
    • Comma Delimited Text Qualifier, which will put double-quotes wrapped around each field, interpreting two words in one field, instead of two fields for one word.
      • For example, the quotes contain the value for each cell: “Mr.”,”Joe”,”Brown”,”1745 E. New St., Apt. 22″,”Chicago”,”Illinois”,”46702″
  8. Be sure to select the appropriate headers in the top right Options.
  9. Now click Export at the bottom of the window, if the file was saved successfully, a window will pop up asking if you would like to view the file, click NO.
  10. Navigate to your C: drive on your computer and you will see the CSV spreadsheet file named how you wrote in the export window. Double click the file and it will open in your preferred spreadsheet program (such as Excel). If it does not open by double-clicking, open your spreadsheet program and navigate to the C: drive and open the file from there.
  11. You have now redirected the file saving from the cloud to your computer on your C drive.