Running Customer Credit

You can directly pull a credit report for a buyer or prospect that’s been added to DeskManager Online. To do so, you’ll first have to complete the setup process for either Credco or 700Credit. 

You’ll also need to be subscribed to the DeskManager Online credit module. To purchase a credit module subscription, contact your AutoManager representative. 

If you haven’t already set up your integration with one of these credit reporting companies, refer to our 700Credit article (link) or Credco article (link). 

Once the setup process is complete, read on to learn how to run customer credit. 

How to Run a Credit Report

To run a credit report on a prospect or buyer, you’ll first want to navigate to the customer’s personal information page. 

If this is a prospect, you can navigate to the customer’s information page by accessing the Contacts List and clicking the prospect’s name.
If this is a buyer, first open a deal and navigate to the Buyers tab. Then click on the buyer’s name or Add Buyer.
Whether a prospect or a buyer, the credit process is the same from here. Include the customer’s name, contact info, and address if not already provided.
Then click on the Identification Data tab.
The customer’s SSN is required to run a credit report. Be sure to include the SSN if not already provided.
Once you’ve verified the essential information, click the Credit dropdown along the top banner and select New Credit Report. Then select your provider and click OK.
If you’ve already run a credit report on this customer, you can view previous credit reports by clicking the Credit dropdown and selecting View Credit Reports.