Reports & Charts

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see Creating Custom Reports w/ Report Builder.

Reports are an essential method of tracking profit and costs, reporting sales tax, and examining dealership trends. To that end, DeskManager Online offers customizable and comprehensive reporting tools, as well as a handful of common premade reports many dealers rely on. 

How to Add Reports

In the DeskManager Online sidebar, there is a Reports & Charts section under several categories. If you select Reports & Charts in any category that has not yet been set up, no reports will appear. You must first select and customize your reports so they appear in these sections.
First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Reports & Charts category in the bottom-right, decide which types of reports you’d like to set up. If you need reports on your inventory, you would click Inventory in this column to access your Inventory reports.
To view our premade reports or create your own, first navigate to the Library Reports tab.
Read the description beneath each report for an idea of what it contains. To see what’s displayed within the report, click Preview.
If you’d like to add this report to your system, or if the report is close to a report you need, click the Add button so we can customize this report further.

You can change the Name and Description of this report if desired.
In the Scope section, you can choose if the report will appear for the entire Company, a Role, or only for you.
You can always edit these details at a later time. When ready, click Submit.
This report has now been added under your Company Reports tab. Once a report has been added to this tab, it will be available under the corresponding Reports & Charts category.
To export your report, click Export in the top-left and choose the format you desire.
To print your report, click Print in the top-left. This will open a preview in your current browser.
You can modify the filters by clicking the drop-down at the top. Any changes you make to the filter through this method are temporary.
You must customize a report to make permanent changes to the filter.

Lastly, you can group a report by a column, such as if you wanted to re-organize your report to display every entry by Buyer County, which may be helpful in a Sales Tax Report. 

To do so, drag the column under the Modify Filter dropdown menu. This will reorganize the report.
To expand a newly-grouped column, click the gray box beside that column.
To return the report to its default organization, simply drag that column back into the report.

How to Customize Reports

To permanently customize a report, navigate to the Settings menu.
Select the Reports category that contains the report you’d like to customize.
On your Company Reports tab, click Customize to the right of the report.
In this example we will customize our Available Inventory report to display available vehicles from last month.   

Filters determine the type of information pulled from the report category, which in this case is the Inventory. At the top, this Status filter is pulling all Available inventory into our report.
Let’s add an additional filter. To pull a report on vehicles we added last month that are still available, we can add an Inventory Date filter for last month. Click Add Rule in the top-right, then select Inventory Date.
There are several date range options. For example, we can select a date range Between two specific dates.
Alternatively, if we select a dynamic date range, this report will change according to the current date. For example, if we set this report to Last Month then it will always show us the month prior to the current month. Dynamic date ranges are preferable for reports you will view on a regular basis.
Pay attention to the AND/OR filter in the top-left of our group. If AND is selected, a vehicle has to meet the conditions of every rule to enter the report. If we change this filter to OR, a vehicle has to meet only one requirement to enter the report.
In our example, the OR filter would pull every available vehicle into the report, as well as every vehicle that was added within our Inventory Date range, whether or not it is available. Using the AND filter would only pull vehicles that are both available and added within our Inventory Date range. 

In the Returned Data section below, you can add or remove columns to determine what information is displayed on this report.
The Selected Fields section contains the fields that will appear on your report. The order of the list determines the positions of the columns on the report. Drag a selected field to change your report’s column arrangement.
To remove a Selected Field, drag a field into the Available Fields column on the left.
And to add a new field to the report, search for an Available Field and drag it into the Selected Fields column on the right.
When you are finished customizing your report, click Save & Preview to review the report. If you aren’t happy with the current report, make adjustments to the report as necessary.