QuickBooks Account Mapping Setup

This section of the setup allows you to define parameters for passing transactions to QuickBooks.

Chart of Accounts
The Chart of Accounts defines the standard account types in QuickBooks:

  • Income
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Other Current Asset
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

We have provided default values, but if they don’t match what you have in QuickBooks, you can change them here.  For example, if your Other Current Asset is not defined as OtherCurrentAsset, you can change it.  Note that the spelling and spacing must be the same otherwise we will not be able to find it.

Vehicle Type Accounts
These are the vehicle types that you sell.  If you need to add another vehicle type, you can add it under the setup item Inventory Setup – Vehicle Types.   Once the vehicle type has been added to the inventory setup, it will also appear here.

Exclusions List
This gives you a list of costs that are defined in the system that you do NOT want to go over to QuickBooks.  Check the item(s) you wish to prevent from going over.  Note that marking an item here will apply this exclusion to every vehicle.  If you want a specific cost for a particular vehicle not to transfer, you can go to the Vehicle itself, go to the Costs section, double click the specific expense item and then un-check the box SEND TO QUICKBOOKS for that item.

Deal Item Mapping
This is the section that allows you to define what account each line item in the deal/invoice goes to.  We have predefined the items, but you can always change it to another predefined account.  Double-click on the line item, or highlight it and then click edit.  Use the drop down next to Account to choose another predefined account.  Click Save to save it.

Inventory Item Mapping
This section allows you to define whether the costs for the vehicle are considered an asset or an expense.  To change the predefined values, highlight the cost, double-click or hit edit, then choose the value from the drop down.