Quick NMVTIS Reports

This is a fast way to run any VIN whether or not it is in your inventory. This should only be used for VINs that are currently not in your DeskManager system as there are quicker ways to run VINs that are already in the system.


In this window you can see what your current balance is, and the cost to run the report. For multi-profile users, the state of your currently selected profile is used to determine the cost of the report. To run a report, just enter the VIN number of the vehicle into the VIN text box, select the options on top on what kind of report, what language, and how you want the report delivered, and then click Get Report. If you have already requested a report for this VIN before, you will be presented with a list of previous reports for that VIN. If you want a new report regardless, you can check the “Force New” option.

Report on Specific VIN

When Selecting “Run Report for Selected VIN” or clicking the NMVTIS button in the Title tab while viewing a vehicle. You will be presented with the same form as the Quick VIN, but with the VIN number filled in already. You cannot edit the VIN when opening the NMVTIS report that way.