Prospects Tab

The Prospects tab keeps track of customers as well as prospective customers.


There are several actions that can take place on this page:

  • New – This will allow you to add a new prospect or customer to the list.
  • Open – This will allow you to open the highlighted record.
  • Search – The Search gives you two search options:
    • Quick Search – This lets you search for a string in the list of prospects
    • Follow-up Search – This will let you do a search for any follow-ups that need to be done.  Enter any or all of the criteria in the dialog box.
  • Print – The print menu gives you a few different options for printing your list of prospects.
  • Email – If the e-mail information for the current user or the current profile has been setup, clicking on this button will allow the user to compose an e-mail message to the highlighted customer.
  • Options – The options menu gives you a place to find settings related to working with the Prospects list.
  • Reload – This will refresh the screen.
  • Follow Ups – This button will access the DeskManager Tasks system.  From here the user will be able to review tasks assigned for a specific user or for all users and can set a date range for the tasks to be reviewed.  Please see the Tasks and Follow Ups help pages for more information.
  • Messages – This tool will allow the user to download contact interaction related information from WebManager.  Click here to see detailed help on the Message Center tool.

Beneath those buttons, there are more options:

  • Filter – This option allows you to filter the list by prospect, client, retail, wholesale, or all.
  • Find In – This option allows you to search for particular characters in either the name or address.  Click on Find Next to find the next match.
  • Date Entered – This will filter the list based on the date the contact was created.  You can choose after a certain date, before a certain date, on a certain date, or all.
  • User Selection – By selecting a user in the drop-down window, the system will only display prospects and/or customers assigned to the selected user.
  • Include Expired – Marking this box will also display customers and prospects that were previously marked as Expired.
  • Match Inventory Against Inquiries – This option will look through your available inventory and bring up a list of prospects that have expressed any interest in a particular make or model of a vehicle found in the search through your inventory.