Prospects Conversation Log

The Conversation Log allows you to keep track of any conversations you’ve had with a prospective client.

To get to the Prospects Conversation Log, first click the Prospects tab at the top, then double click a prospect from the list to open their information. In the top right, the Conversation Log list is displayed.


  • The name, phone and e-mail fields will populate with information drawn from the currently opened customer, but you can change this information should you wish to record that you have spoken with someone else.
  • The summary can be manually entered, or by using the button at the top, you can use any Predefined Phrase that have been created in the system.
    • If you use the same phrase over and over again in your conversation, you can enter them into the Predefined phrases box.
    • For example, if you always use the phrase “Will Call Tomorrow”, you can add it here and have it automatically type it for you when you choose it.
    • To work with these predefined phrases, click on the Predefined Phrases button, then click the appropriate button depending on the action you wish to take:
      • Select, Add, Edit, Remove, or Exit
      • If you want to follow up or you want someone else to follow up with this customer, you can enter a Follow Up Date by selecting a calendar date or typing a date into the field.
        • You may select who will receive the follow up by clicking on the User List button then selecting the user who will be notified of this follow up.
        • Use the Followed Up┬ácheck box to let the system or other users know that the follow up was completed.