Prospect Inventory Inquiry

If a prospect is interested in a vehicle that you don’t carry in your current inventory, you can add a Prospect Inventory Inquiry.

*Note – There can be more than one inquiry for each prospect.  Use the arrows to move between inquiries.

To enter a Prospect Inventory Inquiry, from the Prospects tab, double click a prospect, then in the bottom right box labeled Inquiries, click Add and an Inquiry Edit window will display.prospectinquiry1prospectinquiry2

  • You can specify one or more criteria such as the make, model, color, year, body style, transmission, fuel type, cylinders, vehicle type, and price range.
  • When finished, click Save and the inventory inquiry will be listed in the prospect’s Inquiries section.prospectinquiry3

There are three ways to have the inquiry run:

  1. Within the Prospect Customer Data Screen – hit the Execute button on the lower right.prospectinquiry4
  2. From the Prospect List – Click on Match Inventory Against Inquiries.prospectinquiry5
  3. Automatically after entering a vehicle – If the user’s profile is set to automatically perform an inquiry when a vehicle is entered, the inquiry will be run after the user enters a vehicle that matches.
    1. To access this setting, click File -> Setup, then in the list on the left click User Security.prospectinquiry7
    2. In the list on the right, double click the User profile that you would like to have automatically check inquiries after entering a vehicle.
    3. Click on the Prospects tab on the right.prospectinquiry8
    4. Click the checkbox to enable Auto Lookup inquiries when inventory is modified.