Prospect/Customer Data

The Prospects tab is where you enter the customer’s or prospect’s general information.

In DeskManager, click the Prospects tab at the top.


To add a new Prospect, click the New button.


The Customer ID is assigned automatically.  A user may be selected to reserve this prospect or customer for that specific user.  There is also an option to mark a prospect/customer as expired.

  • Country: Choose between USA and Canada.
  • Date Entered: Hit the drop down to bring up a calendar.  You can then choose the date the contact was entered.
  • Category: Choose between Prospect and Client.
  • Type: Choose between Retail and Wholesale.
  • Source: Select the source of this prospect/client from the list.  Sources may be added in DeskManager Setup under Deal, then Lead Source.
  • Conversation Log : Use this option to enter any conversation you’ve had with the contact.
  • Inquiries: Use this option to create inventory inquires.  Hit Execute to have the system search your available inventory for this customers vehicle inquiries.