Profit Formula

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see Profit Calculation.

The profit formula determines which receivables and costs should be considered in your front-end, back-end, and gross profit. Although DeskManager Online comes with a default profit formula, profit calculations vary widely between dealerships. 

If you are unsure whether a receivable or cost applies to the calculation method at your business, speak with your accountant. AutoManager cannot decide what should apply to your profit calculations. 

Take a moment to review and revise your profit formula. This will ensure your profit and commissions are always accurately calculated. 

Profit Calculation Setup 

Before making any changes to the profit formula, reference a deal to see how your profit is currently being calculated. 

Navigate to the Main tab of a deal, then click the Recap button along the top banner.
Any item considered in the profit calculation will appear in the detailed breakdown. Using this deal as an example, manually calculate the profit according to your dealership and compare this to the total DeskManager Online profit.
Once you understand what is or isn’t being calculated in the profit, you’re ready to make changes to the profit formula calculation. 

First, click the Settings cogwheel located at the bottom of the leftmost sidebar.
Under the Deal category, click Profit Formula.
On the left is a column of either receivables or costs. Items with green text are receivables. Items with red text are costs.
On the right, you can check the box to apply that receivable or cost to either the front-end, back-end, or gross profit calculation.
After enabling or disabling items based on your profit comparison, click Save in the top-left.
Return to your referenced deal and review the recap. The profit should now match your dealership calculation. If it does not, compare your recap again and return to the profit formula calculation, tweaking as required.