Posting to Craigslist

The Auto Posting Utility can post your inventory to Craigslist for you. Before posting you will need to meet the auto posting pre-requisites, enter your login & location information, and set up your payment information. Once you have that you can launch the Auto Posting Utility.

You can only post vehicles in your Live inventory.

Setting Your Post Information

Before posting make sure to select the login, city, and template you would like to use for your posts.

Selecting Vehicles

The Auto Posting Utility will show all of your Live inventory. There are a few ways to select the desired vehicles, which are outlined below.

Select All

If you want to post everything, just click the Select All button, then click Start Posting.

Selecting A Block

To select a set of vehicles in a row just click on the first vehicle you want to post, hold your SHIFT key on your keyboard, then click the last vehicle you would like to post. Once you have selected the desired vehicles you can release SHIFT, then click Start Posting.

Random Selection

To select a random assortment of vehicles, hold your CTRL key on your keyboard, then click each vehicle you would like to post. Release CTRL, then click Start Posting.

The Posting Process

The Auto Posting Utility will build your ad and post it to Craigslist just as you would if you were to post manually. You will see the steps taking place at the bottom of the Posting Vehicles window.

You will receive a success message after you’ve successfully posted to Craigslist. Be sure to check your email for any verification emails from Craigslist.