Plain Paper vs. Dot Matrix Forms

DeskManager has two different types of forms in the system, plain paper forms and dot matrix forms.

Plain Paper Forms

Plain paper forms are just like the name indicates, forms that are designed to print on plain paper. They are designed to go through a laser or inkjet printer and they will print both the form itself as well as the information that needs to be printed on the form.

Plain paper forms are noted in the library with (PDF) in the forms library.

Please be sure to check with the agency collecting your forms to be sure they will accept the plain paper versions.

Dot Matrix Forms

Dot matrix forms will print the required fields into the correct spots on a pre-printed contract. Dot matrix printers have an advantage over laser/inkjet printers because they actually make contact with the paper when printing. This allows the dot matrix printer to print on each copy of a multi-copy form.