Photos in DeskManager

This article is for DeskManager 11. For DeskManager Online see Photos & Documents.

In DeskManager, you are able to add vehicle photos to the vehicle details page. First, from the Inventory tab, double click a vehicle to open the Vehicle Details. In the top row of buttons, click Pic.


The Picture Management window will open.


There are several buttons across the top of the window:

  • Add New – Click this to add one or more pictures.
    • On the Open screen, browse to where your pictures are located, select a single picture or highlight multiple pictures and then click the Open button in the lower right corner.
    • After the photos are added, you will see the photo thumbnails displayed.
    • Click and drag photos to rearrange their order.
    • Double click a photo to open the photo in its own window.
  • Load – Click this to associate picture files with original stock numbers in the event that link was broken due to restoring a data backup.
    • Do Not attempt to use the Load Pics button to add new photos to a vehicle that did not have these photos previously associated.
    • Doing so will cause problems should the user attempt to upload this vehicle to WebManager.
    • This tool was only designed to restore photo associations that became lost when a data backup was restored.
    • New photos should only be added using the New button.
  • Check All – This will check-mark all the photos for this vehicle.
  • Delete – Click to delete the checked picture/s.
  • Make Default – The default photo is the one that will show in the Inventory recap, as well as in the vehicle details.
    • Check the mark next to the photo to be made default, then click Make Default.
  • Print – Click to print the checked picture/s along with the vehicle information.