Photos & Documents

This article is for DeskManager Online. For DeskManager 11 see Photos in DeskManager.

You can store photos and documents in DeskManager Online to help you organize your inventory and advertise your vehicles, assuming you’re also subscribed to our WebManager marketing platform. 

Adding Photos 

To add a photo, navigate to the Inventory List and select the vehicle.
Select the Photos tab.
To upload your photos, you may drag your photos into the Photo window. Or, if you have a folder filled with photos for this vehicle, you may drag the folder instead.
If you’d prefer, you may also click the Browse button, navigate to your vehicle photos, and upload them.
The first photo becomes the vehicle icon. If you’d like to change the order of these photos, click on the Green cursor icon and drag the photo elsewhere.
If you use WebManager, remember that your inventory is linked to DeskManager Online. Any photos you add to a vehicle in DeskManager Online will appear in WebManager, and vice versa. 

Adding Documents 

The attachments tab can be used to hold important digital or scanned documents, such as a consignor’s agreement. It functions just like the Photo tab. 

Navigate to the Attachments tab.
Click and drag your documents or folder into the attachments window.
Or, instead, click the Browse button, navigate to your documents, and upload them.
Remember that your administrator can control access to the Attachments tab. If you can’t access the Attachments tab, ask your administrator for permission.