Payment Processing Setup

This article is for DeskManager 11. For DeskManager Online see Payment Processing Setup in DMO.

DeskManager Payment Processing is available through ProPay, Global Payments Integrated, and WorldPay. To access the setup for Payment Processing click File > Setup > Payment Processing Setup.


The ProPay setup window will appear as it does below. Credentials and settings are provided by TSys.

Please contact TSys Support at (800) 788-8998 for assistance with setup.

Global Payments Integrated

The Global Payments Integrated window will appear as it does below. Credentials and settings are provided by Global Payments Integrated.


Please contact Global Payments Integrated at (800) 774-6462 for assistance with setup.


The WorldPay setup window will appear as it does below. Credentials and settings are provided by WorldPay.

  • *Note – You must have the WorldPay POS device to process payments, whether the card information is input manually or not.
  • For Terminal #, enter the serial number on the back of the POS device, then add a description of the device (such as the location of this device).vantivsetup4
  • Next click Add.
  • If the terminal was linked successfully, a confirmation will displayvantivsetup5
  • The terminal will be listed on the right.vantivsetup6
  • To make a terminal default, or to delete the terminal, click the name of the terminal, then click Make Default or Delete Terminal.

Please contact WorldPay Support at (800) 846-4472 x 1818 for assistance with setup.