Options Tab

In DeskManager, double click a vehicle from the Inventory tab, the vehicles details will open. Click on the Options tab.


This screen allows you to add/remove options and features that can be displayed with the vehicle when printing a window sticker or reviewing a vehicle’s Recap.

  • Place a check mark next to any option to be displayed with the vehicle.
  • If you wish to remove an option from the list, uncheck the box next to the option.
  • If an option is not listed, click on the Options Definition Table button to add it to the list.
  • Show Selected Options – This button shows the options that have been selected. Blank means that no options have been selected. When clicked, it will show all options.
  • Show All Options – This button shows available options that can be selected for a vehicle. When clicked, it will show selected options.
  • Search Box – An option can be searched for by typing a keyword into the search bar.
    • *Note – The blank search box next to the “Options Definition Table” button allows you to search for any occurrence of the letters you enter. For example, if you type in “ai“, it will list those options with any instance of “ai” in the name such as “Air Conditioning”, “Air Bag”, and “Two Tone Paint”.
  •  Options Definition Table – An option can be added to or removed from list of available options.
    • Click on the ”Options Definition Table” button.
    • Click ”New” to add an option.
    • To remove, check the option(s) to remove from the list, and click ”Delete.”
    • *Note – Options that are built into the program should not be deleted, the program will rebuild them when they are discovered to be missing.  Instead of deleting the built in options, they can be edited and by entering data into the Your Definition field, this will replace the DeskManager definition data when displaying this option on the pick list.