NMVTIS Interface

NMVTIS is a government-run database for title history on vehicles.  Any dealer can access this database and get up to date information about any particular VIN.  This report has very competitive pricing compared to reports run by private corporations, and as such will become more popular over time.  Companies that provide NMVTIS reports are pulling the information from the national database and reformatting it for easier viewing.

FOR CALIFORNIA DEALERS: Under California’s Assembly Bill 1215, beginning July 1, 2012, every motor vehicle dealer licensed in the state of California must obtain a NMVTIS vehicle history report for every used vehicle that will be offered for retail sale.  If a NMVTIS vehicle history report for a used vehicle indicates that the vehicle is or has been a junk automobile or a salvage automobile or the vehicle has been reported as a junk automobile or a salvage automobile by a junk yard, salvage yard, or insurance carrier, or the certificate of title contains a brand, the dealer must affix a NMVTIS warning label to the vehicle that will be provided by AutoManager.  This warning label will not be printed by AutoManager.

AutoManager NMVTIS Reporting Tool

The AutoManager NMVTIS Report tool is available to all of our DeskManager, WebManager, and AutoManager Mobile customers without requiring any registration with either AutoManager or any 3rd party company.  This tool will allow you to run NMVTIS reports on any VIN that you want: either in your inventory or that you manually enter.


The NMVTIS interface runs completely off of your AutoManager ePay balance.  Your current balance will always be displayed on the bottom of the screen you are working on.  If you need to increase these funds, click the “Add More Funds” link next to the Account Balance field to access your account.  Once you have added funds to your account, you can click the “Refresh” button to get your current balance.


NMVTIS Reports are billed every time fresh data is requested.  You will not be billed for retrieving previously ran reports.  These reports are saved per VIN number, and can be accessed through your DeskManager, WebManager, or Mobile software. For example: if you have requested a report for a specific VIN in your WebManager portal, you will be able to also access it in your DeskManager software and vice-versa without being charged again for viewing a previously ran report.  If you request a brand new report for a VIN that you have already ran, you will be charged again for retrieving the previously ran report.

As of right now, there are two different versions of the report available: a consumer facing report and a corporate report.  The consumer facing report is more detailed while the corporate report is designed to fit on as little pages as possible.  There are also 2 language versions of the report, an English report and a Spanish bilingual report.  If you request one version of the report, you have access to all versions of that report with no additional charge.  As long as you do not request new data, you will not be billed.

User Security

There are two user security options available for accessing the NMVTIS reports: “Run New Title History Report” and “View Old Title History Report”.  By default, “Run New Title History Report” is unchecked and must be turned on for each user that you want to have access to this report.  They are found under File->Setup->User Security->{User Name}->Inventory.


Accessing the NMVTIS Interface

The NMVTIS interface is accessed by clicking the “NMVTIS” button located on top of the Inventory List.  From there, a list of 4 options will appear that give quick access to the various features of the NMVTIS interface.


Either option will launch the NMVTIS Interface through our eLink service, and show you a different window based on the option selected.  Here is a brief description of each item:

  • Report on Available Inventory – This gives you a list of your entire Available inventory which you can use to run individual reports or run many reports in a batch mode.
  • Quick VIN Report – This gives you the ability to run a NMVTIS report on a VIN that you enter.
  • Report History – This gives you your entire submission history for quick access to recent submissions.
  • Run Report on Selected Vehicle – This will run a NMVTIS report for the selected vehicle or give you your report history if you have already ran reports for that vehicle.  This is equivalent to opening up a vehicle, clicking the “Title/DMV” tab, and clicking the NMVTIS button on the bottom right of the screen.

Logging In

When the NMVTIS interface is first accessed, you will be prompted for a password.  Because this interface will add to your AutoManager ePay balance, this is added as a security feature so you can password-lock access to the interface.


If you have already created a password for the NMVTIS interface, you can enter it here.  If you have not setup a password for the NMVTIS interface, click the link on the bottom and you will be e-mailed a temporary password.  For security reasons, the e-mail that the interface uses is the e-mail that is on file with AutoManager.  If this is not the correct e-mail, please contact your AutoManager account representative to get your e-mail updated.  The temporary password expires after a day, so if it expires you will have to click the link again to get a new password.  Once you have entered in a temporary password, you will be prompted to create a new password.


This password must be between 8 and 50 characters long and can only contain letters, numbers, and special characters.  Once you have entered your temporary password, you will be prompted to select a provider.  As of the time of this writing, there is only one provider for these reports: “Auto Data Direct, Inc.” You do not need to sign up with this provider in order to use the interface.  Once you click OK you will go into the NMVTIS Interface.