Message Center Help

The Message Center tool allows you to pull contact information from your WebManager web site and bring that information into the DeskManager Prospects area. How the information was submitted to WebManager will determine where the information will be placed once it arrives in DeskManager.

To locate the Message Center, open DeskManager and at the top click Tools -> Message Center



  • Start Import – Clicking this button will begin the process of importing all the items on the list that were not marked to be ‘ignored’.  As these items are imported the will be placed into the various areas of the DeskManager’s Prospects tab according to the item type as described below.

  • Refresh – As elsewhere in DeskManager, this button will refresh the list of prospects available for importing.

  • Ignore Prospect – If there should be a prospect or prospects that you do not wish to import, click on them to highlight their information and the use the Ignore Prospect button to mark that prospect.  The information for that prospect will changed to appear faded and these prospects will not be imported when the Import button is used.

  • Settings – This is where you can modify the behavior of the program when it encounters information that already exists in the DeskManager program.  For example, if customer information is already present in the Prospects area from a previous interaction, the tool can be configured to Replace the existing prospect, Update an existing prospect with any new or changed information, Add as a New Prospect or Always Ask.  You will also find options that will allow for

  • Import Old – When this button is clicked the system will present a date window.  By setting a date in this window, any messages that are found in WebManager that were received on or after this date will be reloaded into the tool should any previously imported items can be imported again and any previously ignored items can be reviewed and imported.

  • Exit – Clicking on this button will close this window.


Item Types – The different contact items found in WebManager are classified into different types and it is the type that will determine how DeskManager will treat that item when it is imported.

These types are:

  • Prospects – Anyone found in the Contacts area of WebManager will be brought into DeskManager as a Prospect when imported using this Message Center tool.  By using the left side of the Message Center tool, the list view can be filtered to show only prospects by selecting the main Prospects item.  This list can be further refined by selecting New, Modified or Old as desired to display only prospects of that type.

  • Credit Applications – If a potential customer filled out a Credit Application while visiting your WebManager web site, after the prospect has been created in DeskManager, the associated Credit Application information will be imported into the new Credit Application area that has been added to the Prospects tools.  This new Credit Application area is the same as that found inside a Deal in the Deal/Trade area of DeskManager.  The Message Center list view can also be filtered using the Credit Apps item or the New, Modified or Old items in the same way as Prospects.

  • Questions – If a visitor to your WebManager web site had clicked on the ‘Ask Seller a Question’ link found inside a vehicle listing, the information recorded in WebManager includes the vehicle the customer was viewing when this link was clicked.  Items imported from this group can have that vehicle information brought into the corresponding Prospect’s Inquiries area and the customer’s question correspondence will be brought into the Conversation Log.  As with Credit Apps and Prospects, the Message Center list view can be filtered for this category and it’s sub-categories also.

  • Customer Replies –